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Empowering participants at Sree Saran Medical Center's kidney health camp to maintain healthy kidneys and enhance their overall well-being!

Proactive kidney health camp at Sree Saran Medical Center benefited over 50 members, ensuring healthier kidneys and stronger lives ahead!

Experience relief and renewed well-being with expert large fibroid removal surgery. Trust in our skilled specialists for a smoother path to recovery.

Specialized foreign body removal from the nose, ensuring gentle and precise extraction. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Unlock the journey to parenthood with our regular fertility camps. Join us to explore personalized solutions and embrace the possibilities of family.

Discover the keys to heart wellness at our Cardiology Awareness and Screening Camp. Early awareness, healthier choices, brighter futures.

Amidst COVID uncertainties, Sree Saran Medical Center ensured uninterrupted access to vital treatments and surgeries, placing your health above all else.

Sree Saran Medical Center extends a helping hand in the fight against COVID-19, contributing 1 lakh fund to support Tamil Nadu government's pandemic relief efforts.

Experience next-level stroke care with the launch of our specialized Stroke Unit. Timely intervention, better recovery.

A sound approach to your ENT health. Discover ear, nose, and throat wellness at our Medical Camp.

Trust in quality care is not just promised but validated at Sree Saran Medical Center, where NABH accreditation ensures excellence in every aspect of your healthcare journey.